Can't Touch This

Can't Touch This - Tess Hunter, Pepper Winters 3.5/5 stars

The review contains some minor spoilers (nothing important really). You have been warned.

It was sweet, funny, very hot and liked the characters and the animals.

As an (almost) veterinarian, I might not be the best judge of that part of this book. I get a little nit picky about the details.

For instance, the diagnosis of the enlarged heart wasn't correct, not even a specialized clinic can cure it (at best stop it's progress and symptoms) and I think it's kind of cruel to let the animal suffer when you know it'll die soon anyway, just because you can't say goodbye.

But ignore my nit picking on stuff that most likely won't bother other people.

Vesper is also a bit to saint like for my taste. There is loving an animal and than there is putting animals before your own health and happiness. It was a bit too much and over the top and unrealistic.

It's well written, funny and very very very steamy. I liked Vesper (though I still don't love the name) and Ryder and the side characters. It was cute, maybe a bit too long - because not that much really happens. I enjoyed reading it.

If there will be a next book, I will read it.