Just One Night: Part 6

Just One Night: Part 6 - Elle Casey 4.5/5 stars

Part 6 of this serial marks the 100th book I've read on my ereader and it's a good one to reach the milestone with!

I really enjoyed this serial novel and it was very fun to read. I can't wait for Edwards story.

Elle Casey is a great author from what I've read so far. I loved shine not burn and I adored this series.

Jennifer is a great heroine, as she is strong willed and knows what she wants. William is very intriguing and just keeps getting better. This serial is very funny, sexy, cute and sweet.
Some of the extra characters add a lot to the story. I really liked his assistant, Rachel. She kind of deserves her own serial, as she's hilarious and loveable.

In short: Loved it! Must read for romance readers!