Twisted Palace: A Novel (The Royals)

Twisted Palace: A Novel (The Royals) - Erin Watt 3.5 stars

I was really looking forward to this one and I'm a tiny bit disappointed. It was an okay read and it was good to be back with these characters. I love the royals, especially Easton (and Reed before, but a little less here). I just feel like nothing really happened in this book except for right at the end. The rest of the book is a bit slow and revolves around Nothing. The relationship between Ella and Reed didn't feel as good as it did before and I don't know, it was just my least favorite book of the series. But I did love the series and I will read another book from these authors.

If you enjoyed the series so far, read this one as well. It's entertaining and well written. Just not the shocking masterpiece I was hoping for.