Moonshot - Alessandra Torre 3-3.5 stars

This review contains minor spoilers

I've had some trouble rating this one.
The writing is good and even though it took me a while to get into it, I really loved the first half of the book. I liked Ty and I liked Chase, even though he does some questionable things. I liked them together en it was fun to read about.
However, the second part was a bit of a let down. I won't give away what happens, so this probably sounds really vague. But I enjoyed it when they meet up and I guess the information at the end of the book makes it more easy to swallow, but I just didn't like how the rest of their relationship developed. It left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth and it kind of ruined their magic.
Also, as a fan of romantic suspense books, this book was very very very low on the suspense. You forget the suspense is there until pretty much the end.

I enjoyed it, the characters were well written and their connection was enjoyable. It's an interesting story in a different setting than I'm used to. I wasn't a fan of the second part, but by all means give it a go yourself. Different strokes for different people and it's certainly not a badly written book.