Veiled - Karina Halle 5/5 stars!

I loved the EIT series and I loved Dex and Perry. I wasn't sure if I could like Ada and Jay just as much. However, it was great to be back in this universe again and I loved every minute of it.
There's a cameo of Dex and Perry (love Dex!), there are Jacob's, there's creepy freaky stuff, there is romance, there are sexy times... it has it all. I was sad when Dex and Perry left, but I actually enjoyed Ada's story just as much. Jay is interesting and seems really hot and a bit alpha, but he hasn't quite reached book boyfriend level yet. Being in Ada's head was suprisingly fun and entertaining and I didn't really miss Perry all that much.

This book was a total suprise for me! I didn't think it would ever happen. But it has and I couldn't be happier. Please let there be more books!


FYI: You'll probably want to read the Experiment in Terror series before you read this book, as this book will spoil the series for you and the series is too great to not read to begin with!