Love, Chloe: a standalone novel

Love, Chloe: a standalone novel - Alessandra Torre 1.5-2/5 stars

I'm sorry, but just do not care about this book, these characters or the storyline. Not one bit. Nada.
I know quite a few people really liked this one. But the story has been done before, there was no connection to the characters and the storyline wasn't very exciting.

Don't read on if you don't want to read some spoilers.

- Chloe was not a very interesting character. She was a spoiled brat who lost all her money. She makes some bad judgements along the way and ends up a bit more grown up than before, while hardly anything happens.
- Vic was an ass, and not of the good and sexy kind. Totally not believable as a love-character.
- Carter may very well have been great guy, but he remains very 'flat' and we don't really get to know him. He's just there one second and all of a sudden they are in love and he is this amazing guy we're all supposed to swoon for. But again, nothing really happens with them but sex and their love just wasn't very believable.
- I did sort of like her friends and Clarke, the husband of her boss. But they are not very involved in the story.

In all honesty, some things do happen, but none of it could hold my attention. It just felt distant.


All in all: she learnes there is a life outside of the filthy rich, they fall in love within minutes, no feelings really come across, boring characters all over the place and a storyline that has nothing new to bring.
I finished it mostly because I was wondering if it would get interesting at one point.