It - Stephen King This review may contain spoilers, but I'll mostly refrain for referring to the story directly. You'll find spoiler tags when I won't.

I finally finished this book and I can't remember another book that I've struggled with as much as I have struggled with this book. Nor can I recall a book I was more happy to be done with than this one.

Is it a horrible book? Not exactly. It is well written and at certain times certainly creepy. However I've never had to work this hard to finish a book. I had to force myself to read on and have thought of giving up all together at multiple points.

The story is about 7 kids who are fighting a inexplicable power. A power that enjoys killing children - well.. slaugthering them is more like it. Stephen King goes in to great details and this is book is therefore not for the faint-hearted. The book is also about these 7 kids as adults as they are once again faced with this terrible power. These two storylines intertwine - which results in many, (too) many time jumps. But on top of that you also keep jumping van character to character which can make it difficult to follow at times.

I enjoyed the parts where things were actually happening and these parts of the book were certainly interesting. I never found it to be really scary, but I did become a little creepy at times. However, after these moments absolutely nothing happens for over 400 pages and it gets very dull and hard to read. The book could miss at least half of the pages and the story would remain exactly the same. I understand that this excess of pages was mainly to give a backstory to the story and it's characters However relaying the contents of ones medicine cabinet for 15 pages seems very excessive to me. This was the reason I kept putting it down and wasn't all that excited to pick it back up again.

As mentioned before, the writing itself isn't horrible. Though for me it didn't always had to be quite so... crude or explicit. The story itself wasn't bad, although really far too long. I was waiting for the story to get better. But is just never did. I only got worse and worse and than the ending is rushed in a small portion of the pages. I've heard about the horrible scene where the little kids have sex with Beverly before and was just as appaled as they were when I read it. It didn't add anything to the story at all.
I though the way they killed It was just... too simple for such a powerful and great creature. Also, after everything they've been through together, they just forget all about it and each other? I find that hard to believe and swallow.
I did like the kids and you really do get to know them all very well. There is a lot of character development in this book.

I think for me, the problem with this book is that it's just not my kind of book. I realize many people adore this book and I really wanted to like it. Somehow I just couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. Maybe I'll try another one of his books in the future, but for the meantime I think I've had my share of King for a while.

So all in all, not a horrible book and I did enjoy parts of it, but not a book I think I'll read again or would recommmend to someone else, unless I really though they would like it. So I give it 2 out of 5 stars, since it was just that: 'Okay'.