Twilight - Stephenie Meyer review of entire series
I read this series about 5-6 six years ago all in one week and I fell in love with it (though I wasn't a fan of the 4th book). I think I read it in total about 4-5 times before moving on because it somehow lost it's appeal for a while. I fell in love with Edward and Bella and the whole story surrounding it. I thought it was so romantic.

However, I decided to reread them again about 6 months ago and boy was I in for a suprise.

I found that I didn't really like it anymore. The story was ok, but I found that the critique that first annoyed me, now made a lot of sense. I think it portraits a very bad relationship and is on the obsessive/compulsive/abusive side. I don't like that Bella has absolutely no life outside Edward, nor is she allowed to have one. He spies on her, never leaves her side and watches her sleep. These things seemed great and romantic at first, but on rereading them it just seemed incredibly creepy.
I can see that it is just a story, but I think it can be damaging for impressionable young girls, which is not a good thing since it really sort of idolizes abusive relationships. I didn't hate the books and they have some sentimental value, which is why I rated it two stars out of 5. But these days I simply prefer more realistic, grown up and healthier books.

Out of all the books I liked book number 3 the most and I really didn't like book 4. The entire book - which is far too thick - is about working towards a battle - that never actually happens. Which kind of makes the entire series end as a dudd.

So as I used to love it myself, I can understand why others do. I think I've mostly outgrown it and can't overlook the horrible writing anymore.