My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake  - Chelsea M. Cameron 3/5 stars

Taylor finds out that her new college roommate is a guy, Hunter. Hunter is a nice, outgoing guy who constantly flirts with Taylor. I did like Hunter for the most part - I'm not a fan of his sort of little violent outbursts.

However, I really didn't like Taylor. She's angry, abusive and seriously hits Hunter to pulp - which is just ridicilous and made me really not like her. I also found it stupid that he just took it and held her. I get she is traumatized, but that's never an excuse for violence... NEVER.
She's also kind of whiny and just got on my nerves sometimes. I also thought that her sister was really... unrealistic in the way she acted and spoke to Hunter.

Another thing I didn't really like is that once again, it's a new adult novel about two damaged people who heal each other. I understand that it's a popular theme, but I'm looking for something more original - or at least more original problems. I'm getting a little tired of the sexually abused virgin story. It seems that 99% of the new adult novels use this angle.

The things I did like were mostly Hunter and his jokes and their friends and when Taylor finally stopped being an idiot. Overall, I did enjoy reading this book, but wished it was a little more different from the rest of its kind.