Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire I'm not really sure what to think of this book. I am however extremely suprised that so many readers give this book 5 stars. The book was mildly entertaining and I did enjoy some parts of it. The writing was allright but not wonderful. I didn't enjoy how Abby transformed from a strong person to a puppy dog who accepted all of the ridiculous behaviour from Travis. I do have to mention that I'm not a fan of the 'bad boy'.
The story could've been a great story, but the abusive part, the agression, the begging, the controling and the mindgames really ruined it for me. I couldn't for the life of me understand what Abby was doing with this creep and his agression made me fear for his life. I didn't enjoy these parts and I hated the fact that she ends up getting married to him. It shocked me and it's just completely ridiculous.

I did enjoy the beginning of the book and I liked America and Shepley a lot. I however do not like the message this book sends and I hope intensly that nobody will ever think that this is how a relationship should be or that this is the way a guy should treat you. I disapprove of these sort of books because they seem to glorify abuse and unhealthy relationships. Something that should never be shown as a desirable thing.

I did manage to finish the book, so that's why I gave it 2/5 stars