Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster  - Jamie McGuire This book is basically exactly the same as beautiful disaster. For my review on that book click here.

I did find this book a little better, but the story remains exactly the same and I found myself skipping over many parts because I just read them. I did find less agression in this - though it could just be in the parts I skipped - and the ending goes beyond the ending in the first book with a small chapter 11 years in the future. Maybe it was just less shocking because I already read everything in book 1. When I think about, Travis is still the same aggressive asshole as before and Abby is still the idiot that lets him treat her that way.

Honestly, if you didn't like the first book, don't read this book. It's just litteraly the same story, the same conversations, the same actions but from a different point of view.