The Impact of You

The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan May contain minor spoilers, nothing major.

I rate this book 3/3.5 stars out of five

I enjoyed reading the book, but there were also a few things I didn't like.
Avery is a nice heroine, who grows into her own life more and more and Jase turns out to be an interesting hero. As usual in a new adult novel, they both have their issues. But for once they aren't really abuse-related. I like how Jase was always looking after his mom and that Avery was not yet another 'gorgeous but prude-heroine' (though still a bit prudish I guess).

The story reads quickly and keeps developping - which is exactly one of the things I don't like about this book. Some very interesting events and conversations - like the one where Jase tells Avery why he is always checking up on his mother - are completely left out. They are just jumped over entirely between chapters. I'm not sure why this is, but it made me feel left out of the story quite a few times and really got on my nerves in the end. The pacing in this book is just too fast for my taste. It caused me to not fully care about Avery and Jase.

This book also has a case of insta-love which I found to be a little annoying and certain phrases came back so often I ended up laughing about them.

But besides that it was a nice read, with enjoyable characters and a few steamy scenes. It's written in an alternating POV, which is well done.

The sad thing is that the synopsis and part of the story makes me think about [bc:Wait for You|17314430|Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)|J. Lynn||23981243] (the heroine even have the same name) and that book is just a really good, well written - better written - book than this one. They ended up being a bit different in the end, but the synopsis is just so similar to this one.