Up in Flames

Up in Flames - Nicole  Williams image
I'm having a really hard time rating this book. I think I'll make it:

3/5 stars

I wasn't hooked from page 1 and I'm not a fan of the 'holier-than-thou-virgin' heroine. I warmed up to her a bit later on though.

I don't know, the book had potential and it had some great parts but about halfway it was just ruined for me. The constant doubting and nobody willing to make a decision grew tiresome and it ended up being a 'who can hurt who the best' game. it turned nasty and cruel - not to mention that it turned into cheating. I don't know, the ending was sweet and all, but in my opinion, the middle just destroyed the magic, made me dislike both of them and I just didn't really care anymore.

But if you don't mind cheating storylines and characters playing mean games, this may very well be your book. There's nothing wrong with the writing, the steamy scenes are hot and the setting is very original, I've never even heard about smoke jumpers before I read this book.