Wrong Bed, Right Guy

Wrong Bed, Right Guy  - Katee Robert 3.75/5 stars

“The guy in bed with her was not Nathan. Which meant Elle was buck-naked and wantonly riding the wrong guy.”

This is a short book, only 160 pages. To be honest, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like it. The book just jumps right into the story and it takes some time before it's clear what exactly is going on. This didn't really give me high hopes for the rest of the book, however I ended up being pleasantly suprised.

Elle is mostly enjoyable and Gabe was very interesting... and when I say interesting, I mean HOT. Their chemistry really does come across well and even though everything happens very fast, I liked them and I found myself wishing the book was longer.


It's a dual POV book - From Elle and from Gabe. The inside to both their storylines and thoughts was enjoyable.

Things I didn't like: The book was brief, you jump in to the story and it takes a little while to figure out what is going on, Elle can be a bit snobish at the start, the ending was kind of sudden and I would've liked to have more time with them as a couple.

But all in all, it's an enjoyable short romance book