Down to You

Down to You - M. Leighton 4/5 stars


After starting to undress the supposed stripper for the bachelorette party:

'She looks over at Jason, trying to piece together what just happened.
"Now, which one of you beautiful women is the bride-to-be?" Jason Asks.
I see it the instant understanding dawns. Her eyes widen again and, even in the low light, I see her cheeks turn red.
She looks back at to me and frowns.
"if he's the stripper, then who are you?"
"I'm Cash Davenport. I Own the club."

The book started great with this scene, it is however a little bit out there and the first half of the story I was reading a bit like this:

But after that I started figuring out the twist and the 'OMG-feeling' went a away.

So why did I give it 4 stars anyway? Because the story intrigued me. It was unlike any other new adult book I've read - something I've been desperately looking for.

It is well written, steamy and at times very funny. It had to get over some of the things that Olivia did, but in the end it didn't really bother me that much. Olivia is a nice lead character. She's normal, grounded and isn't a push over. She's not a virigin, which was also a nice change from other books for this age group. But I did find her to be a little slutty.

Olivia's POV isn't the only one in this book though, you also follow the story from the POV of Cash and Nash. So that is 3 POV in one sweet package and all three of them are enjoyable. Cash is a bit of the typical bad boy, but I found him different enough to not be bothered by it. Nash was a good/bad guy in one and is dating Olivia's cousin Marissa.

It isn't really insta-love, but they do immediately feel attracted to each other.

I won't give away anything about the story or the twist so you'll have to read it yourself if you're interested.
If you enjoy a new adult novel with a good lead and steamy scenes with a subject that is a bit out there, then I think you'll really enjoy this one and you should give it a try!