Out of Line

Out of Line - Jen McLaughlin, Diane Alberts 2.5/5 stars

This book has me conflicted on so many levels. There were parts I liked and parts I really hated. So no in depth review today, I wouldn't even really know where to begin.


Things I liked:
- Finn - he was actually the best thing about this book. Quite enjoyable, cute and hot.
- Carrie - I liked her when she was sassy, confident and took action without hesitation
- They had good chemistry

Things I really didn't enjoy:
- Finn - He knew she was a virgin, still he does a bunch of stuff to her while she's a sleep and it just felt really wrong and creepy. Especially that he stopped the second she woke up and he was frustrated that their 'make-out'-session had to stop. I mean seriously!? I can enjoy a bit of angst, but this just felt like abuse
- Carrie - I liked her when she was being sassy. But I found myself groaning internally everytime she was her holier than thou self. She serves food at a soup kitchen - which is great, really - but she also hands out all her money to homeless people, she helps every single person, she is nice to every single person. She puts out boxes with her own clothes so that other students can take them and enjoy them. It sounds great and all, but nobody is that much of a saint and it just makes her not very likeable or real.
- Unoriginal - It's really a less PG-version of the movie with katie holmes (The first daugther or something?)

I don't know, if you forget these things it was a mildly enjoyable book, but really nothing special. I don't think I'll be reading the rest of the series. I wasn't that impressed with this book and I'm not really into army drama and PTSD/addictions. The author wrote three books that ultimately do have an ending, but than decided to write another book after their HEA to introduce even more drama for no good reason.

I think I'm better of leaving the rest of this series alone and I can't honestly recommend this book to other readers either. If the synopsis suits you and the things above don't bother you, by all means give it a go and don't let me stop you. Maybe you'll love it.
Otherwise, maybe it's best if you ignore this one.