Damaged  - H.M. Ward Rating: 3.5/5

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to write in my review. I liked it, but there were also parts I didn't like.

I really liked the beginning of this book. Sydney has escaped her past to a far away college in the middle of nowhere. One night she is supposed to go on a blind double date and accidentally sits at the wrong table. This part of the book is quite funny. Across from her is a gorgeous man who gets her all hot and bothered. After leaving her actual blind date, she comes across him again - goes home with him and nearly sleeps with him. The next morning this guy - Peter - turns out to be her boss and teacher.

So far I liked the story, Sydney isn't my favorite heroine, but she's okay and I did like Peter as well. They grow closer together and share their troubled pasts. After this I started to like it a little less.

They seem to really want to be together, but when peter resigns, al of a sudden she doesn't want him anymore? It seemed kind of ridiculous. I also didn't like the scene where Dean and Sam came for her, it was very excessive and I can't imagine any brother being okay with what Dean did to her - while trying to take her home. So that seemed a bit unrealistic.

On a few points the story just didn't make any sense. And looking back, they annoy me a little. Also, the formatting of this ebook is off. It only cost me 99 cents, but the book disregards all the chapters and just divided the whole thing in 2 chapters of about 125 pages. Also, here and there I came across a few editing errors - like a sentence that wasn't finished. Minor issues, but still issues.

I enjoyed reading the book and I'd recommend it to anyone who can overlook the points mentioned above. It does end on a sort of cliff hanger, but I find myself not needing to read the next book right away. I think will though, just to finish up the story. But it's more expensive and I may borrow it instead of buying.