Keep Me Still

Keep Me Still - Caisey Quinn This is the 'first book' in the series, but I read the novella first. The novella is the start of the story and this continues it.

Layla finally leaves her high school behind and goes to college to escape it all and finally start living her life. What she hadn't anticipated was to run her into her old friend/boyfriend Landen. At first I was happy to figure out how it would go when they found out that somehow they both ended up at the same college. But that idea was quickly ruined by a revelation of the real motives of Landen. A part of the story I really hated.

What follows is a bit of a back and forth story that somehow just didn't fully grab me, like I hoped it would.

It's a nice book, enjoyable read and includes certain very hot scenes, but what I mentioned before just kind of took the magic out of it for me. I kept wanting him to tell her and get frustrated when he didn't.. yet again. I felt bad for her. It has a nice ending, which will continue on in a next novella, that I just purchased voor 88 cents - so I can read how this story will end. Because I am curious how it will continue after reading a preview of the novella.

It's not the best NA book I've read so far, but enjoyable on it's own.