Hold Us Close

Hold Us Close - Caisey Quinn I can't rate this book any higher than 2/5 stars.

I enjoyed the story of Layla and Landen up until this book. It isn't badly written or in itself a horibble story and it wraps up the story for the most part.

However, I really hated the complete 180 in this book. I'd really come to like Landen in the previous books. Sure, the whole 'I came because your aunt payed me'-thing from the last book was already a little horrible, but it this book the author managed to completely change his character. He went from a sweet romantic guy to an abusive a-hole who I didn't even liked to read about and then he even ends up hitting his pregnant girlfriend, wants her to have an abortion, break pretty much everything that means something to layla and then even in the end, she has to fight for HIM. It's just ridicilous. Combine that with the fall of his dream in the end and I just kind of wish I'd followed other reviewers and hadn't bothered with this book. What a way to ruin a series that could've been really nice.