Everything for Us

Everything for Us - M. Leighton 4/5 stars

I wasn't very excited to start reading this book, because I really disliked Marissa in the first two books. I didn't buy the whole 'I was kidnapped so I've seen the light'-thing and I wasn't anxious to find out how her journey went.

But for the most part, I was wrong. However, it did take me quite a while to get into the story. I'm suprised that the biggest reason for that was Nash. I really, really, REALLY disliked him in the beginning and that made them hard to root for as a couple. As the story went on, Marissa grew on me and I still really didn't like Nash. It was only after Nash started to be a little more nicer to Marissa and everyone else around them that I found myself really into the story. I stayed up too long because I needed to finish the story.

As the previous two books, it is well written and funny at times. There is lots of chemistry and steam and I enjoyed reading this book a lot. The whole series for that matter is well written, interesting and just very different from everything else I've read so far and I love that. This book does not contain major twists, but the entire story comes to an end in a great way and I loved the ending. It doesn't end on a cliffhanger. The story is told from a dual POV (Marissa and Nash) and by about the middle of the book I liked both of them equally.

There were two things I didn't like as much.
1. Olivia and Cash. The whole story began with them and I loved them in the first two books. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of them in the third book. It didn't seem like they got the send off they deserved - though they do have a great ending.
2. Some of the scenes between Nash and Marissa. I'm not sure why, but some of the scenes seemed more or less abusive to me than 'hot'. I didn't like the bottle thing, though I know many do. It's just not really my thing and was a little shocked at this (If you read the book, you'll know immediately which scene I'm talking about) and some of their steamy moments were just too... distant for me to really feel the chemistry.

I loved reading this series and I'll be checking out more books by M. Leighton in the future.
This series is for you, if you are looking for steamy scenes, interesting twists, suspense, a touch of crime, bad boys and romance for the new adult age group.

Great read!