Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave  - Jeaniene Frost 4/5 stars


I really liked reading this book. You jump right into the story from page one. I had to warm up to the story a bit as I wondered if I was missing a portion of my ebook.

Cat is half vampire and half human and she's devoted her life to killing as much vampires as she can find. I liked Cat. She's bad ass and not a push over and she is who she is and I just liked her. She's a strong character and she grew on me.


Enter Bones. He gives Cat an offer she can't refuse. And they end up fighting side by side. I really liked Bones, he's funny and confident and won't let Cat get away with crap.


One thing I really didn't like however was the ending of the book. It felt a wrong and I hated that it had to end that way. But I understand that the story needs to be dragged out because it involves multiple books and I can't wait to find out what's in the next book!

I enjoyed the writing style in this book and I'm certain I can't wait to find out what happens in the next book.