Lover Eternal

Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward
4/5 stars

I'm glad I got the omnibus for books 1-4 or I probably wouldn't have read this book. I really liked the story of Rhage and Mary Luce. I thought they were very sweet together and I enjoyed reading about them. I also liked the story of all the secundary characters and I liked that Mary wasn't a push over. Rhage made for a great hero and I really liked him. His story with 'the beast' was interesting.

There are once again many POV's, but I found that less annoying then I did before. You find out how Wrath and Beth are doing and the story with the lessers continues. I found this book to be a lot more suspenseful and I really wanted to know what would happen at the end of the book. But Rhage and Mary have their own HEA.

I did find the ending to be very rushed. It made the whole ending seem a little ridiculous, because it just happened within about 4 pages all of a sudden.

Great book and I'm glad I continued with this series.