At Grave's End

At Grave's End - Jeaniene Frost 5/5 stars
Will contain spoilers if you haven't read the previous two books.

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“Slash was about my height, and he used the alignment of our bodies to his greatest advantage. I let it go on for a few minutes. Right up until he unzipped his leather pants and pulled out Mr. One Eye.”

This was my favorite book of the first three books. It had everything. Suspense, heartbreak, fun, laugther, kick ass fight and one big baddie.

I won't ruin the twists in the story, but Cat has a seriously hard time in this book. She gets physically and emotionally wrecked and as a reader you're right there with her. I love the humor in these books and I find myself smiling and laughing at it many times.

Bones and Cat are in great form in this book. They are together and strong and the two of them make this one of my favorite series of all time. The big baddie in this book is Perta - the one and only cleopatra from Egypt (I thought this was a bit too much, but still). She is after Bones and tries everything she can to hurt him. You'll have to read it for yourself to find out how, what and the ending - but it's a good and entertaining story.

One reason I love these books are the rich secondary characters. They are funny, cute, cruel, interesting and I'm just happy that they are there. The best one of all so far is introduced in this book. It's 'Vlad' or as he is better known: Dracula. He is funny and I liked his presence and the friendship he forms with Cat.

“Get stuffed, don't you have more publicity stunts to pull?" Bones shot back. "How about chatting with another writer who can smear your name into greater popularity?"
"What, did Anne Rice not return your calls, mate?" Vlad asked scathingly. "Jealousy is such an ugly trait.”

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Great book, a must read if you've read the previous two books and loved them!