Yanked - Melanie Harlow (spoilery review)

Tip: If you loved Frenched, you may just be better off pretending this one doesn't exist.

Meh....., 2.5 stars.

I'm not a fan if writers who make me love a book and then end up ruining it with the following book. I loved Lucas, he was sweet and sexy and seemed too good to be true. Well, this book showed me that - in fact - he isnt true.

He's a lying bastard who does nothing but try to sexy-time her anger away. She gave in way too soon. Everything beyond that went way toooo fast and was very unsatisfying. Lucas turnes from sweet and sexy to a demanding self righteous a-hole and I felt like slapping him silly with a slightly rotten salmon, because someone has to!

I think I'm going to pretend that this story doesn't exist and just keep the wonder that is Frenched separate in my memory.