Dream Man

Dream Man - Linda Howard 4.25/5 creepy bald serial killer stars


This is the second book I've read by Linda Howard. She sure knows how to write romance and suspense - where both will keep you at the edge of your seat. I'm not going to write a huge review about this book, because honestly - it would ruin the mystery.

I liked this book a little less than the first book I read by her - [b:Mr. Perfect|469901|Mr. Perfect|Linda Howard|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327960914s/469901.jpg|487629] when it comes to the romance. I did like Dane and Marlie together, but at around 80% Dane does something that kind of ruins the romance of their relationship for me. Dane is a strong, tough detective who isn't going to win awards for being mister nice and pleasant or mister social. Marlie has been having visions of violent crimes since she was a child and she can stand up for herself. When the two of them meet - the sparks fly.


The crime in this book was a lot heavier than in [b:Mr. Perfect|469901|Mr. Perfect|Linda Howard|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327960914s/469901.jpg|487629]. I enjoyed it, because it was actually creepy - where the other book did lack that. If you however don't enjoy a creepy serial killer, being in the mind of this creepy serial killer, descriptions of horrible crime scenes and visions of the murder from the eyes of the killer - than I suggest you stay away from this book as the creepy factor in this book is rather high.


This book contains multiple POV's. Mostly that from Marlie and Dane. But also from the killer and his victims. It didn't annoy me that the POV kept switching, since every character had his or her own voice and therefore it wasn't confusing.

If you like romance novels and a good crime novel, than this book is the perfect marriage for you! :)