In the Band

In the Band - Jean Haus This review contains some spoilers

3.5/5 stars

After a night of sleep I just can't rate it any higher. I hate it when a story starts out very promising and then it just kind of fizzles out into nothing. I'm disappointed by this book.


It starts out with Riley. She tries out for a band, is - suprise suprise - a genius drummer and she gets chosen. There are three guys in the band with her - one of them is Romeo (horrible name, btw). He's a huge jerk to her at first, but his character get's better when you get to know him.

However his reasons for being such a jerk fall a bit short for me. I just don't think it's justified. When they get to know each other, I actually really liked them. But then some stuff happens and for whatever reason the just HAVE TO be apart - even though they're both miserable. I hate it when writers seperate the couple just to create drama and it was just a ridiculous reason.


The ending was way to rushed and I just didn't feel "it" anymore after all the drama. I felt like hitting Riley for the last 25% of the book. What's wrong with keeping people together and just having some sort of story outside of that? I just wish it was more original, as this just fell flat for me and I didn't care anymore how they ended things.


This is a real shame, because I did think the story had a lot of potential. It's a bit cliche, but it was a nice read until all the unneeded drama.

I think I won't be reading the next book, as I really didn't like Justin. So I'm not that excited to read an entire book about him.