Dearest Clementine

Dearest Clementine - Lex Martin 4/5 stars

I'm sorry that I haven't really been feeling like writing longer reviews. It's mostly because I've been so busy that doing so would seriously cut into my reading time. That's due to my mostly 12 hour long days of interning to cure the sick and helpless animals - which I love doing. But to say that college is keeping me busy is an understatement. So please forgive me for not writing a long review, yet again,

I really did enjoy this book. Clementine (though I'm not a fan of the name) is an interesting charachter and Gavin is just swoon worthy. There are some funny parts, some sexy parts, some sweet parts, some frustrating parts and some creepy parts.
If you like new adult books with a light hint of crime and family drama, this is one you might want to pick up. The main characters are good, they have chemistry and I liked the secondary characters as well.There is a little bump along the way with Gavin and Clementine that I did find frustrating and a bit unnecessary, but I still finished the book with a general good feeling.
Give this one a chance guys :)