Sweet Little Lies

Sweet Little Lies - Jill Shalvis 3-3.25 stars

I think it's save to say that Jill Shalvis is a master at creating fun little places with a wide variety of characters. This book is no different. It's not badly written and the characters are fun. Though I did have some trouble keeping some of them apart in the beginning (I'm bad with names).
It's a nice read, with some romance and a little steam. I really liked Finn and I mostly liked Pru. It's just that not a whole lot happened here. I feel like I've read too many pages about two people getting together.... and that's it. The 'secret' that lies between them is one I've seen several times before and I wasn't a fan of it then and it's not working for me now.
Pru was also a bit too much of a martyr and saint for my taste.

I think this is mostly an 'it's not you, it's me'-situation. So by all means go read the book for yourself.