The Sweet Gum Tree

The Sweet Gum Tree - Katherine Allred One of my - these days - rare 5/5 stars.

I went into this book expecting a feel good, sweet and frilly romance book. I wasn’t prepared for all the feels that this book brought along. It’s really an intensely sad book and it’s quite a heartbreaking story. I stayed up till 4 am because I had to find out how it ended. It is beautifully written and very moving. It took me a bit to get into the story, but when I did I was hooked. I laughed, I cried and I was excited and sad at the same it. There are some amazing characters in this book. Even though all of the twists were pretty predictable, I still really wanted to read the rest.
Recommended if you love good writing, interesting characters, a great love story and don't mind a bit of tears and heartache along the way.