Behind the Hands That Kill

Behind the Hands That Kill - J.A. Redmerski 4.5 stars

I'm so sad that I've reached the end of the series for now. I can't wait for the next book. I can't really say what it's about without ruining it and the rest is already in de blurb :)
It's interesting, fascinating, dark, twisted and fun. By all means give it a go (but do read the others first if you haven't already).

This is a very addicting series. I need the next book now :(
Though some of the future books are not what I want to read next. Do we really need another fredrik and Seraphina book? Well, I don't anyway.

I read that most people don't want a love triangle. I personally just really want Niklas and Izabel to have a chance. Victor is just.... lacking, imho.